My welcome!

My name is Victoria and I love people.

I am a medical doctor from Ufa, Russia, and I like bananas, buckwheat, canned meat, sea, snow, mountains, infectious diseases.
Actually, I have specialized in ID and after that in Tropical Medicine and Public Health in low resource settings.

My life is a series of happy moments, wonderful сountries and great people.
I started this blog far away in Guatemala, later continued it while living on the sunny island in Honduras and in the provincial Haiti.

I live simply and happily, and I work for free.

(без названия)

After all that has happened to me during these years, I realized the most important thing: the true happiness is to make other people happy. I believe that everyone has the right to not to be healthy, no matter of gender, skin color, ethnicity, religion and wealth.

I decided to build a small Free Clinic for poor people in the remote area of Guatemala.
I have nothing but the belief that everything will be good.

Being back to Russia, I got a job in a Public hospital and a private clinic, and all this little money that I earn goes to fund the future clinic's construction.

If for some reason you have an irresistible desire to help us - you can write about us something kind and nice or send us (to Guatemala) some medicines, materials, canned food, chocolate, buckwheat or transfer money.

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Everything will be way cool! I believe in it.

My fail

Convulsively trying to find in Xela non-lactosa highly fat ice-cream I got a fiasco, went for a compromice with my conscience: I bought non-fat-non-sugarish yogurt that looked like and tasted like a shit.

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And he didn't call me.

My room fight

There are things such as ants (in your pants) in a jar of dry milk or midges on an overripe banana, which you get used to very soon. It`s been less than month since I came here but I already feel quite comfortable picking out midges from my drink with a teaspoon and overall – living side by side with the various representatives of the species of arthropods. It`s species, right? (I am sure there is a biology textbook here, so I should check.).  

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Ok, enough with this. After all, I came here to help people and it is my job. It`s not a summer camp. It is nice to have great colleagues you get along with, but what can you do?

My ice baby

Today is actually a holiday! We had an ice cream trolley here in Pojom! It was like that birthday song from an old Russian cartoon:
"Then a wizard comes flying
In a blue helicopter,
He will show me a movie for free,
He will wish me Happy Birthday
And present 500 choco-icecreams."
(Russian Children`s famous song)

Granezada, Ice
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This is what I call scary.

My wild nature

The sun is shining and I can write in my blog.
It has been my first encounter with the wildlife of Guatemala. Before today I`ve only seen hummingbirds, donkeys, South American grey foxes and hogs, which are called here , by the way, «coche», like a  car. It`s like «Hey, Baby! What a ride on my «coche»? ». Go figure what he trying to say!

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But it didn`t scare the hell out of us for nothing we took a picture after all.

My big bang

Today some guys, in particular coordinators (the former and the new one Lotte and Arne), went to Ixquisis (a large village) for another public meeting with local authorities. We stayed in the clinic to examine patients during siesta while Joris (the current doctor) was baking a banana pie from, curiously enough, bananas which, curiously enough, grow right by under our windows, and where I had made seedbeds to plant typically Russians vegetables such as parsley, radishes and beets which I brought from my homeland.

Lean, our slightly gloomy midwife, used to look out of the lab window approvingly and ask what I was planting. Since I didn`t know what they were called in English I tried to explain to her that this one vegetable is pink with a bit of white and another one is, basically, grass, lol. But the most hilarious story happened after the banana pie, and, as the phrase goes, thank God, it was after, otherwise we wouldn`t definitely tried it at all.

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The banana pie, by the way, was delicious. It is good to have banana trees in the garden. «A mi me gusto» - like they say.  

My Pojom

We arrived at the Clinic from Huehuetenango (it`s the nearest town). It took us about 5 hours. The drive was long and hard because of the lousy mountain roads with pits and bumps and plus every village had speed humps. I decided to ride in the boot where we had a few mattresses for the patients, that we usually transported in the car, so I could lie down. If only there wasn`t so much stuff the trip would have been perfect! I even managed to sleep for a little.

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I`ve already fallen in love with this place. Everything will work out fine here!